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MOOVER is a platform that enables transactions for unused mobile data.
It is a sharing economy service, where anyone can buy and sell the right to use extra mobile data using the MOVE tokens we offer.
This platform realizes an environment in which people who cannot use a communication system due to its high cost can access the Internet more easily, leading to a more equal society with no digital divide.

For everyone to be able to use more inexpensive,
authentically-free mobile communication

Who needs it?

The number of people who can access the Internet is limited around the world. For example, as fixed lines have not been installed in almost all countries across Africa, mobile data communication is the only way to access the Internet.
Because of this, while smartphones are rapidly becoming popular, it is difficult to access the Internet due to high communication fees.
Therefore, this leads to a digital divide for people living there, as it is difficult to get accurate information in real time.
Meanwhile, in countries where communications infrastructure has been developed, people living there tend to have unused mobile data every month.
We believe we can greatly contribute to eliminating the global issue of the digital divide by solving this inequality through the MOOVER network.

Structure of MOOVER

The MOOVER network provides a mobile data sharing function on an encrypted P2P network based on blockchain technology.
As this system operates autonomously without centralized management, it can serve as a platform that realizes inexpensive, anonymous and safe transactions with unacquainted third parties (all participants).


The MOOVER network is operated and maintained through the supply of “mobile data” by users.
To unify and standardize the value of “mobile data,” MOVE tokens (Symbol: MOVE) are provided as the only currency used for transactions on the MOOVER network.
The MOOVER network becomes a place where the prices of mobile data around the world are determined once the network becomes the mainstream for mobile data transactions.

Contribution (Creating MOVE token)

In this contribution, we will raise the funds in a step-by-step manner in three separate phases to make our activities understood and recognition expanded.

[Funding amount]

Our target is to procure a total of 50 million USD from the contribution participants purchasing MOVE tokens. The total number of tokens created will not be fixed until all contributions are fully completed.

Funding amount: 50 million USD
SoftCap: 5 million USD
Total number of MOVE tokens created: No upper limit

[Token price]

Contributions will be traded on a USD basis at a fixed price.
1 USD: 100 MOVE
1 BTC: 700,000 MOVE

[Purchase limit]

We will set a purchase limit per account.
Minimum purchase amount: 100 USD
Maximum purchase amount: 50,000 USD


In this contribution, we will raise the funds in a step-by-step manner in three separate phases. We will provide airdrops in each phase, instead of early bird bonuses adopted in many other models.

[Phase 1]

- Start -
December 1st, 2017
- End -

24 hours after reaching
25 million USD
(Maximum of 14days)

- Airdrop -

We will airdrop the 10% of the MOVE tokens created in Phase 1 within one month after the end of the phase.

[Phase 2]

- Start -
February 1st, 2018
- End -

12 hours after reaching
15 million USD
(Maximum of 14days)

- Airdrop -

We will airdrop the 7% of the MOVE tokens created in Phase 2 within one month after the end of the phase.

[Phase 3]

- Start -
April 1st, 2018
- End -

Immediately after reaching
10 million USD
(Maximum of 14days)

- Airdrop -

We will airdrop the 5% of the MOVE tokens created in Phase 3 within one week after the end of the phase.

*If the SoftCap is not reached, it will automatically close 14 days after the start. The Contribution will be judged a failure and the funds will be returned to each wallet.
*All phases in which a SoftCap is not set (phases 2 and 3) will be judged a success regardless of the amount.

[Distribution of MOVE tokens]

We will calculate the total number of tokens to be created based on the rule that the number of contributions, which are the MOVE tokens created by the participant's amount, shall make up 40% of all tokens. We will distribute the created MOVE tokens as follows:

Stock option


These funds will be used for the development and expansion of the MOOVER network.

Stock options

These funds will be allocated to the stock options for the founders and team members, and others who contributed to the development. These MOVE tokens will be locked for 3 years from the end of all contributions.


We have adopted airdrops instead of early bird bonuses, which is the more generally adopted model. This is to maintain interactions with the participants even after the contribution is over. We will conduct them to express appreciation for their participation in the contribution.


We are planning to conduct some tests in an actual environment with limited members. We will use these funds for actually circulating the MOVE tokens to verify the system. All of these MOVE tokens will be burned after verification in the actual environment is completed.


These funds will be allocated to alliances with telecommunication carriers. In order to enable exchanging mobile data communication values on the MOOVER network, the telecommunication carriers should possess a certain amount of MOVE tokens at the beginning. It is possible to facilitate the decisions for alliances by creating the necessity to improve the value of the MOVE token together with the telecommunication carriers. These MOVE tokens will be locked for 2 years from the date they were transferred to the telecommunication carrier.

[Project Budget]

Funds procured through Contribution are used to develop and improve the MOOVER network.

Core Team Member

John Peterson


Alexandre Grenier


Logan Edwords


Michel Leith

Product designer

Yassine Lopez

Blockchain Developer

Mathieu Padonou

Full stack Developer


・If the contribution is successful, MOVE tokens will be officially granted to each wallet. If it is unsuccessful, the transmitted funds will be returned.
・Due to unforeseen circumstances, the targets stated in this white paper may change.
・A MOVE token is a utility token. As mentioned earlier, its entire value consists of the services offered on the MOOVER network in exchange for the consumption or holding of tokens.
・A MOVE token does not represent an official or legally binding investment.
・A MOVE token is not for speculation, and does not assert rights to intellectual property or other property or cash flow.
・A MOVE token does not grant the right to participate in the MOOVER team, and it does not affect the decisions on the corporate assets and strategies.
・We do not promise the value or claim of revenue with MOVE tokens other than those related to the use of the MOOVER network. They are not securities.
・Our headquarter is located at Bangalore, Karnataka, India. But upon discussion with all involved parties, we will not disclose our headquarter address. Please understand that this is a security measure to prevent any sort of risk in hacking of funds collected through contributions, or leaks of confidential information (technical details, contract documents, etc).